Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Nerd's View - Intro

Well it's been a while in the making but now it's time to finally put the virtual pen to virtual paper and start writing this blog.  I created this blog with the intention of writing at least a post a week, covering topics on all things technical that I come across out there in IT land, which I think the common computer user might like to know and how these topics will impact them.  Another thought was to use this to help others understand the dangers and risks presented out there in the "Internets" (as I have often heard the internet referred to).  In addition, hopefully to help them to better understand how to protect themselves from those treats and be more security minded when they are Online.

All that is grand and we'll get to those kinds of things, but first things first as the saying goes.  For now I'm happy that you've chosen to take a moment to read my thoughts and ramblings here in this blog.  Please feel free to share you own thoughts or comments on my posts.  Please also keep in mind that this is a subjective writing, and these are my opinions.  While I base a lot of my thoughts, conclusions, and recommendations on industry facts, that does not mean that I am also always correct and it certainly does not mean that the direction I am stating is the only correct choice.  You very well might have a persuasive argument for another choice or recommendation which I either don't agree with or did not consider, but yet is equally valid.

Now, that said, this is My Blog, so I'll be as subjective as I want and say what I feel is correct and needs to be said.  If you don't agree, that's fine.  If you feel you need a forum to voice your opinions, please start your own blog and I might even link to it.  I enjoy a good healthy debate on a subject.  But I'd prefer not to have battle of the Blog in the comments, that just gets too long to read at some point.

Ok, so without further ado ... Let's get this blog on the ... erm, Web?